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Thread: Good ultrasonic humidifier?

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    I thought he was going to light the "gaoline" too..... wasn't sure if I was reading it right LOL.

    I am going to do this with a 5 gallon pail inside my greenhouse with a computer fan attached to the lid blowing out the mist through a couple holes drilled on the sides of the pail.

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    So I'm thinking about getting a humidifier or fogger to replace my current water pans but I'd like to understand more about how this works.

    1. How do you set the desired level of humidity for a humidifier?

    2. Most humidifiers are meant to service an entire room, can they reduce their flow to handle a terrarium? I'm running the equivalent of about a 110 gallon tank.

    3. If you can reduce the flow for a small volume like that, how long would a typical 2 gallon water tank last? I understand that for a full room you might have to refill it every day but at a slow trickle level like this it should last much longer.

    If a humidifier isn't the best way to do this, what is? What I want is something reliable and simple I can put in to raise the humidity by a roughly controllable amount for a small volume. Should I be looking instead at the small foggers like Exo-terra makes which I assume are already tuned for this sort of application?


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