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I'd assume putting a heater right on top of your plants like that, blowing directly on them, is a good way to dehydrate them real quick. While the heater may be set to 72, the air that comes out of it is not 72. Do you know what kind of heater it is? From the pics, I'd have to assume radiator or convection. If it's convection, with no fans to force the air out, it probably isn't that big a deal; the air should theoretically just rise to the top of the room. If it's a radiator, I'd suspect you're slowly cooking your plants from the inside.

Whatever the case, I'd put a thermometer between the heater and the closest plant, turn the heater on, wait 30 minutes or so, and see what the thermometer reads. I'd bet money it's not 72.

All that said, yeah, that's definitely not near enough light unless they're getting a lot of natural light through a window or something that the pictures didn't capture. Your plants might be "thriving" for the time being, but they aren't going to last if those bulbs are the only light they get.
No that's not what i am doing it has a fan to blow the heat out i put i thermometer between the heater and the closes plant and if you did bet sorry but you would have lost money that is the exact temp. also i guess i will try to get one more light at wal-mart or somewhere thanks for your opionion.

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With my plants i have 8 cfls like the one in your lamp and 1 2 bulb shop light and a single shop light and its jsut enough to keep them alive but not enough color, so you def. need more light. Look into a 3 rack grow hut greenhouse thing they are cheep and it will answer your temp and humidity problems plus the under sides of the rack will give you somewhere to put the lights rather than on the pot under the leafs.
Ok thanks for the comment i will take your advice but sorry i don't think i have the room for a greenhouse/growrack right now thanks