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Thread: Managing Star Moss

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    Managing Star Moss

    I've noticed that some star moss has settled in on my Cephalotus, and is now growing inbetween the individual pitchers, meaning it might start encroaching on the plant itself. I've been picking it out with tweezers, but that obviously won't get rid of the spores, etc. Do any of you have any advice on managing/getting rid of star moss beyond tweezers
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    Since its a Ceph and not a tiny Utric so something similair you can remove about 1/4-1/2" or so of the top medium and replace it with something that will dry out very fast. Sands, gravel and the like.

    Atleast you have one of the more attractive and slower growing mosses

    But no, I do not know how to not grow moss

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    I use a top layer of rinsed river pebbles.. seems to work rather well.

    On most of my cephs its just a shallow layer of pebbles so the peat moss can still grow up and through.. but heavier the layer, smaller the amount of moss. And keeping the ceph raised up above it allows its pitchers to form over the pebbles. Looks cool too!

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    My ceph grows in the star moss just fine....doesn't seem to harm it.
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    Cephs make it difficult to use this strategy, but I spray my media with plain water to prevent moss (also algae) from getting a foothold. Basically the idea is to stir the top layer of media so that anything starting to grow there gets turned over and smothered. Of course you can't do this right next to a Ceph, but maybe it would slow things down if you washed it away on the edges of the pot.
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