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Thread: Another humidifier question

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    It was one of those basic Honeywell ones... I'll see if I can find it...

    Here we go, something like this. Dunno if it was the same model, but same brand and design. It still turns on and I can hear the motor working, but the blades don't move. It might just need too be cleaned out, I don't know. I've always just assumed it was the humidity since I can't imagine a motor with all those coiled up wires and such taking 80% humidity very well, LOL.

    It's too bad about it being a used room. Mine is a spare bedroom, the only purpose of which is to house plants. Makes it much easier. I've learned really quick that a cool, humid room is really refreshing, everything smells and feels fresh and clean. A hot, humid room is freaking miserable. LOL.

    EDIT: One thing I should mention about the lights in the enclosed space with high humidity: no safety concerns, or at least none that I ran into, but the fixtures and the rack itself did end up rusting a little bit. I guess that's sort of inevitable, though.

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    LOL, I know. The drawbacks of living in a small apartment in NYC! Hot, humid, summers and NO FREAKING A/C!!

    Anyway, I was thinking about this humidifier... how does it sound? I like the idea of using replaceable bottles as reservoirs. Low-maintenance, easy to refill, etc.

    I can deal with a little rust, as long as there are no electrical fires!!!

    Yeah, I think I'm going to go through with it. Temps in my rack topped 90 degrees last summer. Enclosing the rack will be a risk, but adding fog to the mix should keep it cooler (...right? Do I remember my thermodynamics correctly?).

    I'm not too worried about my fans failing. I have some pretty hardcore AC equipment cooling fans I got here - each pump out 36CFM and are built like bricks. I just want cooler, happier plants!

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