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Thread: Swamp cooler question...

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    Swamp cooler question...

    I'm buying a swamp cooler for the highland tent this week. Any recomendations on brands etc...

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    I think the humidity of Boston is quite high which would make a swamp cooler not work as well. If you have already taken all of that into consideration and decided a swamp cooler will do what you need, then I would recommend a cooler with thick cellulose padding (a honey comb looking cardboard type material) over the thin Aspin pads. MasterCool used to be the brand to get but I think they are gone, or were otherwise sold or maybe even sold their design to another company I'm not positive, but I remember seeing another brand with a similar design but it seemed all cheap so I really don't know what brand to recommend. Last year we replaced both swamp coolers on my house with Champion brand and they seem to be alright so far. But on my greenhouses I'm using a mobile mastercool cooler (MMB12) with an add on thermostat (masterstat) best I know though, these are no longer available.
    good luck!
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