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Thread: Light?

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    So why are there so many pictures and topics about people growing their VFT's in a terrarium?

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    Because people adore VFTs, and they're prettier indoors. They just usually don't last long.
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    All good

    To make a very long answer as short as possible and to add to everything Joe has already shared, growing VFT's indoors in a terrarium was an old, widespread and commonly accepted way in which thought best to grow VFT's. In more recent years however, it was found (in general) NOT to be the best way to grow them! People didn't fully realize the type of cold/winter dormancy and the amount of full sunlight (and the other requirements the plants needed filled) in order to thrive.

    Some of their actual needs and how to fulfill them have since come into question, and many people are still trying to determine where the lines are drawn concerning a plant's bare survival and that of truly thriving, & so environments are still being evaluated, experimented with, and are still the subject of debate. Indeed, with the technology of lighting, water purity, temperature control, etc. still evolving, there may never be one "absolute" answer as to what one "can" or "cannot" do when it comes to growing VFT's. At what point is a plant really thriving as compared to just surviving, is the first question, but to determine if that plant can be grown under artificial conditions is likely to be an ever changing variable.

    Indeed years ago, with the limited technology of lighting alone, growing VFT's and a lot of other plants indoors was not a good thing to do. With today's high output lights, (and hopefully tomorrows cooler / high intensity lights on the way) along with better technology to create artificial environments (along with developing new techniques and methods) for providing the means to fill the plants growing and dormancy needs, indoor cultivation may some day be preferred over outdoor, "natural" environments... which today are still the best for the average new grower... in many ways.

    Indeed, methods and equipment are ever changing, and hence the topic remains active and open for debate and experimental efforts.
    Once you are in this field long enough, you come to realize that like many things, methods and "rules" are ever changing, improving and developing. It is hard to say if we will ever come to one final way of doing something that is absolutely the best! For the "best" way will always be dependent on things that are ever changing!

    People often do get into arguing over what can and can't be done, but for myself, I have been around long enough to have seen many rules, methods and of course technology, change dramatically. I know from experience that things change, and find it funny whenever someone here emotionally speaks out about what "can't" be done! Todays impossibility is often tomorrows common place activity.With all the other plants around in the world with even stricter requirements being grown indoors, I find it amusing that people here are so ready to jump on the "VFT's can't be grown well indoors!" bandwagon.
    Perhaps the knowledge and equipment the average newbie grower has is in fact not sufficient to grow them indoors, however basing your opinions only on what new, inexperienced growers with limited equipment can do is hardly a way to establish what "can and cannot" be done when it comes to growing CP's!
    (Okay, Did I explain that in a way that can be understood? Well, I tried...)

    Seed: No problem... All good here also Joe... at least with you...
    In view of recent events, I just needed to clarify things openly in some fashion, lest some problem inadvertently congealed between us.
    I can't speak for the newbie experts I have encountered recently however.

    As I posted elsewhere recently, with some of the responses I have gotten as a result of sharing information, helping people out (often via PM) and even giving people plants, I just don't understand the logic of people's responses anymore. The ability to follow thru, show appreciation, communicate effectively and just showing others the simplest form of respect and regard, once common when relating with others, seems to be the first victim of a world where interaction with others face to face in the real world the moment of the "now", has been replaced by the new world culture of email, facebook, self-checkout, ATMs and other human-less automation where the self is the only person involved. People are no longer learning the basics of maturely & effectively interacting with others, as they are isolating themselves from it in their lives.

    That may be a strange theory of what has caused such a change in the way people are (or aren't) relating, but I don't know what else the cause could be, as it is so widespread and not limited to one or two dysfunctional individuals.

    (And as a reminder, I am NOT referring to anyone in this particular post/thread. It just is in response to some of the other recent experiences I have had and/or seen between others here on TF.) And again Joe, I really didn't mean my comments about what you wrote about growing VFT's indoors, as you explained it well. I too have seen many people who literally freak out & go overboard when it comes to that subject, and I was originally writing to warn him that he might encounter that from them down the line by bringing it up. [I know you know the type who I am referring to!] When I saw your post [which you put up while I was still in the middle of writing my post here] I quickly just changed it a little.... but again, what I originally wrote wasn't based about what you said.
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