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Thread: My Grow Rack Re-Pimping Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFury View Post
    Thanks all!

    @gill_za - one reason I got rid of it was that it was a pain to roll it up every time I wanted to get at my plants... LOL! But yes, it wasn't quite as effective at keeping humidity in as I had hoped. The seal just wasn't awesome. Maybe I could have augmented it with magnets or something. Also, as I wanted to expand out onto four shelves, it would have been even more difficult to hang a 6' tall, thick sheet of PVC down the whole front of the rack. That stuff is heavy!
    I am going to try something similar with pvc sheet and those flat weather strips you had. I'll try to create a seal and hold the sheet in place using 1" valcro tape (it's not the best but should help holding it in place)
    Where did you get PVC sheets?

    Thank you.
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    I am in awe, and I now have a new model to go off of when I graduate from terrarium to grow rack. Would you mind going into some more detail about the self-watering system? I'm thinking of putting one of those into action....
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    First of all, thank you very much for your kind words! What makes CP cultivation so fun for me, aside from the satisfaction of watching these plants grow, is the challenge of building and iterating on nifty growing setups.

    As for my self-watering system - it's not something I can claim to have engineered myself, as some talented growers/builders here can! My system is a Claber Oasis unit that I purchased online. It comes with a reservoir/pump, 33 ft. of tubing, and 20 nozzles & stakes. It wasn't the cheapest option by any means, but it was easy to set up and it works quite well. It's basically a loop of tubing that hooks up to the reservoir/pump at each end. I put the reservoir above my rack to get the minimum 24" elevation above the first nozzle. For my setup, I ran the loop of tubing across one shelf and then down across the next one below. It's the perfect length to cover two rows of plants on each shelf.
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