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Thread: Cooling HL Terrarium

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    Smile Cooling HL Terrarium

    I have a highland terrarium, and the temps in it are ok, but it would be nice to get it cooler in there. I have seen mods for small ACs, but I don't want to use an AC. Could I use a mini fridge with two holes drilled in it, one on each side. PVC plumbing would run from each hole up to the terrarium. There would then be a small computer fan that pulls air out of the terrarium, and pushes cold air back in. Would something like this work for cooling the terrarium down about 15-20F at night?

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    There are a lot of variables that would have a dramatic effect on how efficient your idea would work. First air is a poor conductor of heat, secondly, the mini-fridge is not designed to cool over a large drop in temps. When a new fridge is turned on for the first time it can take many hours to drop temps to the desired level. Fridges and freezers depend a great deal on low thermal loading and high amounts of thermal buffering from the items already in them.

    To answer your question, well yes... it probably would to some degree. But not efficiently and even then maybe not that much depending on the demands of the system.

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