So I have a VFT in my terrarium (only for summer dont worry) and before it was growing maybe 1.5 inch stems with nice sized heads, Then for some reason it is growing long stems with small heads. Can someone tell me why? It did just start growing a flower which i cut at 1cm long. Also, if i put a bug in a trap it has a brown spot where the bug is the day after it caught it? I feed it moths, which are as long as the heads but thinner. It never used to do this but once, when it caught a fly that was maybe big for it. So can someone please tell me why its starting to behave odd? Its in 50/50 sphagnum peat to perlite, 10000 lumen light 6400k, with another light which all i know is a CFL.

One more thing, can anyone tell me how long it takes for traps to turn red, because when i got it one trap was red and the others looked like they were starting to get it, but when new traps came in, they dont turn? Why?