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Thread: 75 gallon Terrarium could be yours!

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    75 gallon Terrarium could be yours!

    Hey guys, I have a very large terrarium I need to get rid of, I don't know how you guys could get it, because shipping would be a fortune, its 75 or 100 gallons I'm not positive, its not leaky, and theres no scratches (maybe some on the bottom I can't be sure.

    My parents are making me get rid of it, its to big, I have fish and other animals in it right now. I'll clear it out later, I'm sure it would make a good plant terrarium, or anything else, since it still doesn't leak and its not ugly. I also have the huge lids on the top.

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    Hey David, it might be useful to put your location and how much you want for the aquarium or if its free. Then local people could just come get it from you. Shipping aquariums of any size is a waste of money and time.

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