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Thread: my next terrarium project; a storage tub

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    Wink my next terrarium project; a storage tub

    Hi all. I'd like to take a moment to share with u this intuitive new strategy to growing carnivorous plants which has yet to b tried out, but I have done similar techniques with much success.

    Materials needed..
    A large sized, clear tub
    Clear trash bag,
    Duck tape,
    Polyfil (optional)
    And some basic tools (razor blade, a socket and a stove)
    Optionally a pressure cooker and oven bags. I'll explain y in a second.

    First, get ur tub. Im sure you'll find a source somewhere. Preferably look for one with a clear body and a snap on lid.

    Next, use. Razor blade to cut an inner rectangular shaped hole in the lid.

    Using a clear trash bag, match a cutting over the hole in the lid and duct tape it down.

    Now, heat a socket up till its way hot. Use some pliers to grab it and burn holes around the tub; a few holes on each side is good.

    Optionally, u can fill these holes with polyfill. This is to help hold moisture in while keeping out most dust and yuck while still allowing it to breath.

    U can now fill the bottom of the tub with peat moss or whatever u use.

    Since mold and contamination could b an issue, u can optionally load ur moss into an oven bag and a.) Cook it in the stove at a low temp for an hour or two or b.) Pressure cook at 15 psi for about an hour. This should kill mold spores and keep ur moss clean at least a while.

    now u can sow ur seeds. If ur moss get too dry, u can dunk it in water and pour the water off thru one of the holes u burnt. B sure to make one hole low for this purpose. Hope this helps. Happy growing.

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