I have recently "harvested" some moss from my pots of pitcher plants and to increase my growing area's humidity and being able to propagate more moss for potting, i have set up a "moss patch" for the moss to grow using

i put LFS ontop of those things, and then put a layer of LSM on them

then i put a water tray below them, making sure the whole thing doesnt get fully submerged in water when the tray is filled

i tried this on 2 different water trays

Any expert knows if this will work well? or i am better off using usual pots and pot them up? like

btw, i think its a seed grown baby nep inside the moss pot, i didnt know how it ended up there, it just did.

Anyone can advise me on how to improve the setup? sun level can be changed anywhere i want from shaded to full sun from morning to 1pm afternoon

Anyway, this is my plant setup before adding in the moss and splitting the pot of plant with the moss