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Thread: Silly terrarium lighting question

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    Silly terrarium lighting question

    I'm eyeing one of these bad boys... a 36" x 18" x 24" terrarium.

    I'm also looking to score one of these - a 2 foot, 4-bulb T5HO grow lamp.

    Terrarium: 3 feet wide
    Lights: 2 feet wide

    See my predicament?

    This terrarium is 24" tall; I imagine the tops of my Nepenthes will be probably 10" under the lights.

    Will the plants off to the side of my terrarium (in the relative darkness) miss out on the love? Or will the light spread out enough to keep them happy? I'd get a 3ft fixture but those are so darn expensive...

    Or, is 8000 lumens worth of T5HO goodness too intense for Nepenthes to start with, given the distance from the plants they'd be?

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    Get two 2 foot two lamp units and off set them. Will create areas without a lot of light but might be good a few don't seem to like super bright lights. But will also have zone with the four lamPs of brightnes

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