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Thread: sarr_X's minibog

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    Congrats on the successful winter dormancy!
    and sorry about the happens! we have all lost plants..
    but sounds like you have a good system down! So thats a good thing..

    You are referring to the basic earth worm?
    I wouldnt worry about them..they dont eat living plants, they just eat dead organic matter..
    I don't even think they can "chew"..they just suck in dirt and extract the nutrients..

    and a bog in summer should be too wet for them anyway..
    like what happens (with worms) after a drenching summer rain, they should rise to the surface and wriggle off to better pastures
    once the bog gets wet..

    If you kept the bog drier in the autumn and through the winter (which is good)
    I can see where the worms might like the bog as a nice winter dormancy spot..
    but once you increase the water to the "summer level" they probably wont want to live there, and they should leave on their own..
    so..I wouldn't worry about it!


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    yeah, we got a lot of rain here, the bog pretty much flooded, and there probably gone. good to know that they are harmless to my CPs! i didnt really think it was likely that earthworms could harm them, just wanted to make sure!

    i will put pics on here in a second........ill go take some, up load them, and edit them into this post (instead of double posting.)


    and here they are!

    (sorry, the lens was a little smudged, but you can still see the plants clearly though.)

    psittacina's first leaves coming out

    one of the drosera tracyi

    this one hasnt come out of dormancy yet, so im not sure what it is. might be a drosera intermedia, i remember that being in the bog last year.(theres some pics of it a few pages back actually.)

    also, the rubra has two tiny leaves just starting to emerge, but there not all that interesting.
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