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Thread: Bog garden experiment, month 3

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    Bog garden experiment, month 3

    Well, I finally got up the guts to try a Bog Garden this winter, it's nothing big but my sarrs needed a colder winter than the last few, and definitely got one this year. I got it all mulched and protected, but there is a little voice inside me saying that I'm doomed. I'm just going to ignore that voice until the springtime when I'll know if my bog survived temps at or near 0 degrees for such a long time. I realize this may sound shallow of me, but at least they're only plants, I can easily replace them if I need to.
    I guess there's a bit of good news this winter though, I finally graduated and have my Bachelor's in Communications. Well, I guess I'll shrink away into dormancy for a few more months. See you then.
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    I live in Boston and we consistently get temps of 0 and below. I've been growing Sarracenia in bogs here with no protection at all for over 10 years. The only plant I've found so far that can't deal with the hard freezes is Sarracenia rosea luteola. It's just not strong enough to make it through it seems.

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