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Thread: Gabgabinou's GreenHouse V2 ! :)

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    Gabgabinou's GreenHouse V2 ! :)

    Oyé Oyé !

    No way to buying a greenhouse polycarbonate type ax euro and quality almost ridiculous (bad previous experience).

    I've decided to think, ask questions, get information and make my own greenhouse.
    In this way we make a huge win money, you spend a lot of time designing this one, but we can, I think, at least have a very good sense of be-well, of course, if the work expected is the same as the work done

    I started by looking for tempered glass greenhouses or large thickness polycabonte on the net, but the result of accounts, we are lifted up bheaucoup too high lol. ([size = 200] 3000-4000 € [/ size])
    In short, not altogether possible.

    So I do a lot of research on greenhouse wood construction on the net, managed to see a professional installation of a greenhouse like this, with a quotation for any necessary materials.
    As a result, I'm doing of [b] 1200 € [/ b] for a greenhouse with an area of ​​12m square. (3m/4m/2.40 height)
    -Different sizes of wood (auctoclavé) depending on the size of the greenhouse.
    -Packs of silicone (it will take a lot of lol ...)
    -Screws, brackets, and all the small stuff.
    -Plates 16mm polycarbonate thickness.

    I have not yet started work but work on plans is enormous (I put more than 7 hours) but it moves fast.
    I show you the plans I already have almost finished.

    This is a view to show the very hard work. No details, just the skeleton of the greenhouse.

    One thing is certain, it is very strange to find classes 3rd to seek formulas Pythagoras, cosine, tangent, it's very funny!

    This is the beginning of the adventure I hope that if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them, and I'll be happy to answer them!
    Let me comments, it will make me grow .

    Cheers (

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    Wow I wish I had the resources to have a greenhouse I can't imagine how awesome it would be to build a second. The plans look good, and I can't wait to see them go into motion.

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