I was considering converting an aquarium to a terrarium for HL Neps. Less of a production setup and more of a naturalistic display. Since my considering was done mostly at night during our recent heat wave I realized that cooling would be necessary, as the temp of the room I would be able to house it in never got below 82F for practically a week solid. Cooling the whole room further is not an option. A potential solution came to mind, which I'd like to get a bit of feedback on. Most particularly is anyone using a similar setup? Anyway I'm not a very artistic person, so no pics or drawings, but the system is straightforward enough. An insulated cooler full of ice. Air lines would be run, one bringing filtered fresh air in at the top, the other near the bottom to allow cooled air out. The cold air line would be insulated and run to the main enclosure, a 20"L x 18"W x 30"H aquarium insulated on the bottom and 3 sides. A small sump pump on a level switch would be installed in the cooler to pump out the melt water so the level would stay below the cold air out line. This could perhaps be recycled to provide water and additional cooling directly to the plants. The fan which moves the air would be on a temp controller. Additionally I had considered that the addition of some dry ice in the cooler could increase cooling capacity and CO2 levels. Thoughts?