I'm looking to set up fairly basic, low tech grow chamber for Nepenthes in my apartment. I have some highland neps growing in a greenhouse where I work, but low day temps and a short photoperiod is making their growth come to a screeching halt. I had originally planned to get a terrarium, but I feel that it would be much cheaper for me to make my own, and there don't seem to be any pre-made terrariums in the dimensions that I want. My plan was to make a frame out of PVC pipe, and cover it in some kind of plastic material to keep in humidity. I see pics of similar designs covered in a soft clear plastic material resembling shower curtain, what is this stuff?

Lighting-wise, I am looking for something cheap/basic. The grow chamber will be placed in front of a large, south facing windowsill, so lighting will just be supplemental. I live at a fairly high latitude, so winter photoperiods are very short. Currently it gets dark at 4pm. I grew sundews/pings under lights back when I was in high school, but I forgot exactly what I used then, and I believe lighting technology has changed a bit. I hear a lot about T5HO lights being a good place to start. Are all T5HOs the same spectrum, or do I have to select a specific spectrum/combination?