Hi Folks,

New to the forums and new to CPs. As I stated in my intro post, I've never grown CPs before other than a failed attempt at the "grow your own" seed kit as a child. I'm likely going to be assembling a grow-rack. The rack I've chosen is one of those adjustable metal wire racks with 5 shelves. Dimensions are 18"Deep x 36"Wide x 74"High. I'm going to use the tray method and plan on growing a variety of plants (Mainly CPs, Tillys, among others). The multiple shelves will allow me room to expand.

Given the 36" width, I'm torn on whether I should purchase the 4bulb 2ft T-5 fixture, or a 4bulb 4ft T-5 fixture. If I buy the 4ft fixture it won't harm the plants, however the fact that it will stick out by 6 inches on either side will definitely bother me in an OCD kind of way and I'll feel as if I'm wasting light (and subsequently money)...Just the thought makes my teeth itch. It also won't allow me to wrap the sides in mylar/reflective material.

If I use the 4bulb 2ft T-5 Fixture, and wrap 3 sides with reflective material, that should be fairly decent...Right? Any advice would be great.