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Thread: Would this work for indoor humidity tents?

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    Would this work for indoor humidity tents?

    Would building a large frame and wrapping it in PVC tablecloth be a good idea? I was thinking 10' high, and 5x5 wide with fans inside to keep air circulating. If any of you know any prebuilt ones, that would work also.

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    If you search grow tent in Amazon, you can get lots of options and they are pretty cheap. I use 4(W)x4(D)x8'(H) and 4(W)x2(D)x5' (H). I can't reach all the way with 4x4' footprint (I'm not using it as a walk-in), so 4x2' is better for me (although I wish that it were a bit taller). I prefer D-style zipper over I style zipper.

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