I've come to the conclusion that shelf growing is more appropriate for me. Luckily enough everything has transitioned from the tank to their pots perfectly, all the plants are as of now still in the tank since some Drosera seeds were knocked in and I'd want to try some search and rescue once they sprout. The Pirouette looks like it's starting some new growth in the center but has almost lost the four leafs it had when I received it. The Aphrodite's flower opened up and I checked to see if it was sterile, barely any pollen if any but I still brushed it around with a toothpick. The Spatulata is still flowering consistently and is getting some color with the new 96w, 8000 lumen t5 although it seems to be lacking some dew. As for the Cape it's shooting new growth left and right and is covered in dew. Gemmae wise D. roseana and D. sargentii are sprouting. My main question now is, without the tank and a space issue how many plants are capable of being grown under my lighting's ratings?


Still lacking color greatly but growth wise it's speeding up.