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Thread: ?? 4-season Container Bog

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    I think that will be fine, I have used something similar over here for years (I know it's not as cold here but I have had it frozen solid on occasion and it's been fine) and the sides do give a bit somir will 'expand' when forced.
    Cheers and good luck with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post

    I can build a pretty nice cedar box to go around that.
    Now if you're going to put that inside a wooden construction, perhaps you should consider making that larger than you need and packing between the box and the tank with sand. That should provide good insulation.

    Many gardeners over here use sand plunge beds to put pots of hardy plants in to overwinter. You could always cover the sand portion and use it as a seat.
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    Items I'm selling
    Instead of plastic you might be better off with one of these. Just a thought.
    Rubbermaid Stock Tanks - Watering Tank - Livestock Watering Tanks @ Rubbermaid For Less
    If going less expensive look for a used one, CL farm sections
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