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Thread: Substrate for N.campanulata

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    Thank you for the info. The plant will be placed at the highest point away from the water, near the lid where more airflow can be found, and also with unhindered access to light. I will be using an old technique to wrap the roots like so:

    I'll probably use orchid bark with a few chunks of limestone or lava rock and wrap it with the sphagnum moss. The resulting bundle won't quite be a ball, but will be wedged into the gap between two pieces of driftwood. I have ordered two plants. One to raise the typical way and one to raise this way.

    As for misting I won't be doing it often. The frogs may be considered arboreal, but love the water and spend most of their time lurking at the surface no matter how humid or dry the tank is. Typically if I do mist I target specific plants (like moss I'm trying to get established) and let the ambient humidity do the rest for my other species. I'll avoid misting this plant and the pitchers as per your advice.

    I'll also continue posting my progress and ask for more pointers when I need them. I hope it works though, but we won't get to this until 1.5-2 months from now. The order is just underway and it will take time for the paperwork and such before the import.

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    I was just about to post a thread about Campanulata substrate. My Camp has been struggling and I don't know what am I doing wrong. It's in my lowland terrarium with 28C day and 21-22C night temperatures. Lighting is 2 x T8 CFLs, the first is a plant grow tube and the second a 10000K cool white tube. It gets plenty of light as other plants in the terrarium color up very nicely. Humidity is always high, 70 % minimum. The plant itself is in a pot with about 1:2 LFS/perlite. Watering from above every time the "saucer" dries out.

    Another thing, the Campanulata's leaves have this yellowish tint in the middle. Also the plant is now growing it's second basal and the main plant's leaf size only gets smaller every time. I have been thinking of changing the substrate, but into what? The only thing I can imagine it be at the moment is over watering. But could that cause the yellowing of the leaves?

    Looking for N. Campanulata hybrids. Also would like to grow some nepenthes from seed. Growlist/pic thread:

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    Could need to be a bit warmer. N. campanulata grows at 100-300m above sea level so it would probably want day temps into the 90's (35 degrees celsius and above).
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