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Thread: Any ideas about thermostats?

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    Any ideas about thermostats?

    I have a heat lamp that I'm setting up with a terrarium to keep some plants warm enough to be in the terrarium rather than in a different room. The only problem is that on a warmer day the sun comes in and warms it up by itself, so when I was testing the light today it was 87 degrees at four thirty in the afternoon, which is a bit on the hot side and it was undoubtedly hotter during the day. Does anyone know anything I can hook the power cord into that will turn it off when the temperature gets to be about eighty five or so?

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    I used an inkbird thermostat for my crested gecko and it works pretty well. You might want to look into one of those.
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    Most terrarium thermostats can do that. Look for Lucky Reptile, Zoomed etc.
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