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Thread: Weed prevention and covering suggestions?

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    Weed prevention and covering suggestions?

    Hi everyone!
    I was wondering what you use in your outdoor bog gardens to keep those pesky little weeds from growing? I have one mini bog with pea gravel on the top, and it works well. I only have Sarrs in that one. But when thinking on a bigger scale, it can get costly.

    So, I have a 10 lbs bag of hazelnut shells I use for regular gardening, would they work for a bog or mini bog if there was only Sarrs in it?

    What other coverings have you used? What works best and have you tried anything that didn't work?

    Thank you all!!

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    Tweezers. The only way I have found to control the weeds (control not cure) is picking them out as soon as I see them sprouting. I don't get all of them, but do control them pretty well that way.

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