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Thread: Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

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    Hey yall, thanks for all the LED wisdom! I would love to build a serious DIY setup in the future, but I'm not there yet, ha. I ended up swapping out the fixture I bought for a two bulb T5-HO fixture I was a little sad to return the LED lamp, it was a cool toy- but the new light is almost 5 times brighter and has the right spectral peaks, so I did the right thing and put my children (plants) first, like any good parent. They'll thank me when they're older.

    So far everything looks good- I eased them into our first full 12 hour cycle today and nobody's been burned. I opened both windows and have been running the ultrasonic humidifier during the day cycle to buffer any dry heat damage. Here goes!

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    Oh just to point out...we have one of the LEDs fixtures the original post started out talking about and it is working great for its intented purpose...on an aquarium Growing nice healthy aquatic plant.

    I still have about 6-10 T5 fixtures to replace myself. They will eventually all be LEDs, the "good" LEDs are just so much better energy wise. Too bad the market is flooded with so many of the cheap ones.

    Good luck with the plants, T5s are a safe and reliable way to go.

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