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Thread: Aquarium/terrarium problem!

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    I just purchased a 10 gallon tank from my local pet store. I am new to growing these plants. When I got the aquarium home, I looked at the hood and saw that the Max Voltage is 25w. Do I need to but another hood that will stand higher voltage bulbs? Or will 25w do fine? If I need to buy another hood,where do I buy it? The hood that I have right now only holds screw in lights normally found on house lamps. Please Help !!!

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    I'm not sure, but I don't think you're suppose to use a hood.

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    I don't think those kind of light bulbs would put out enough light to keep your plants really happy. So, if it was me, I would not use the hood.

    I use 48 inch shoplight fixtures that sit over the terrarium, or mount on a bookshelf. They are on around 17 hours a day. I know they make shorter fluorescent fixtures that fit 24" inch bulbs, that would look better over your tank - however they are much more expensive than the longer 48" ones (you can get for around 8 bucks). Maybe you can have 2 ten gallon terrariums with cps next to each other under the longer lights!!

    You can have a piece of thick glass cut to fit over the top of the tank and slide it to adjust the opening and the humidity.

    I hope this helps.


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    I use Bill's method as well and my plants are doing great.

    Do not use the hood. The light is not adequate and it does not hold the humidity.
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