Hi all!! *Normally bugs wouldn't be a problem when you have cps, but i have way too many flying around being a nuisance. *They especially like flying into the ceiling constantly and dying in my water trays (which causes nasty algae to grow). *There's black and yellow stripped sweatbees, various flies and gnats. My new greenhouse is 6 x 4 x 6.5 ft. and has a vinyl cover. *The cover has a wide door that i usually have clear open in the day. *This allows the bugs to get in obviously. After sucking all the bugs up with my dad's shop vac (he doesn't know this yet) i jury rigged a mosquito net up in the door opening. *This cut the entering bug population in half. *However they're still finding ways to get in. *So, i bought some of those sticky bug strips and hung them up. *Does anyone have any ideas on how to control my bug problem?? *Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!! *Thanks!!

* * *-buckeye