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Thread: Terrarium lighting

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    You know, since it seems the largest question out there aside from dormancy is lighting, maybe it would be helpful if we all posted here what lighting we use. So anyone who has questions about lighting can refer to this thread for all sorts of good ideas!

    How many lights?
    What wattage of light output (not power output)?
    What kind of lighting?
    How big is your terrarium?
    How well does your lighting setup work for your plants?

    I'll start....

    I have a 23 gallon aquarium terrarium. I have 3 lights set up across the center of my lid. They're screw-in florescent grow lights (cool glow..although they add about 5 degrees to the temp inside my tank). 2 of them are 40 watt light output and the middle one is 90 watt. Most of my plants are about 12 inches away from the light.
    My plants all seem to flourish here...vft's, sundews and s. purpurea. Growth is good, but color in the plants (except the s. purpurea) is lacking (these are issues being dealt with in another thread! ).

    Ok, who'll go next?
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    Alright here is one of my setups that I have had good results with, I have a 10 gallon terrarium with 3, 15 watt florescents 2 cool white and 1 warm white. I prop the lights above the glass top about 3/4 inch with wood scraps so I don't burn out the lights which i have done before when I didnt prop them up with wood scraps. I then use mugs and coffee cups turned upside down to put my plants on to raise them up closer to the lights, I put them as close to the lights as I can. I also cover all sides with tin foil except for the front, I covered a board with tinfoil on one side and prop it against the front of the terrarium to reflect more light in. That way I can take it away and look at my plants anytime I want and my plants get the best lighting they can get with the setup. All my plants have really good coloration especially my 2 cobra lilys and my 3 neps.
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    Well, I guess I can add something . Over two, 10 gallon tanks, side to side, running lengthwise, I have 3 daylight tubes, and one grow-lux. They are all 4o watt, 48" tubes, and the daylight ones put out about, ..... well.... jeese, I forgot . I want to say about 1900 per tube, but I'm not sure. I can check later. The plants grow very nicely, with bright coloration. My nepenthes really like it. The lights are suspended a foot from the ground.

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