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Thread: Could somebody please help me?

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    Could someone help me? I am 14 and have grown a deep passion for CP's. I just bought 6 CP's about 2 weeks ago,
    1 Venus Flytrap, 3 Nepenthes pitcher plants, and two sundews, one unknown and one Drosera. They look kind of plain sitting in their three inch pots, so I want to make and outdoor bog. I bought a large whiskey barrel and a large bag of sphagnum peat moss. What do I do now?

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    Well for one thing, Those plants will not all work in the bog. If you live in the highland or lowland tropics, than you coul do just the fitting Nepenthes, but I doubt it. If you give us some more information about location, what you plan to water with, etc., than I'll try to help you more!! GOOD LUCK!!
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    Nepenthes will need some sort of a seperate enclosure that will be protected from freezing and extreme heat temperatures. Bog gardens are not suitable for Nepenthes. The Venus flytrap should be grown on the tray method in it's own pot (I wouldn't just put a vft in a bog garden, wait till you aquire more plants) The sundews should be grown just like the vft but don't give them dormancy, they are most likely tropical, unless of course, they form hibernacula dormant buds (ie they stop growing). Hope this helps for a start.

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