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Thread: Lighting question

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    I've been surfing the net, and I've been trying to find out some more about this product. I know it puts out 9000 lumens for about 95 watts....I know the color temp is 6500k, and it has a cri of 93 (think I'm right about that).

    But I can't figure out what kind(s) of fixtures you can screw them into! I like their energy efficiency, so I might like to buy one, but it would be nice if I had the right fixture, don't you think?

    I'm interested in these guys because they are MUCH cooler that metal halihide or sodium lights (you can touch them and not burn yourself).
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    Hi Schloaty. I haven't looked at them for awhile, but i believe they typically come with a standard socket. FWIW, i think i did the math when i first discovered them and decided they weren't economical. The problem is that the ballast is integrated in the light, so each time you replace it you are replacing the ballast - that's why it's around $100 per bulb! You might investigate some of the inexpensive MH or HPS growlights sold on popular auction sites, and see how they compare.

    As far as heat goes... althought fluorescents don't have to reach high temperatures as part of their mechanism, i'm going to say i'm skeptical that any quasi-point light source consuming over 90W is going to be cool.

    If you haven't read or at least skimmed the lighting thread at the top of this forum, i recommend it. I believe envirolites were mentioned there.

    If you decide to take the plunge - there are competing brands that might be a better deal - let us know how it goes!
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