my 125 gal tank has 4 ft. of planting space, the rest of the space is where my digital humudifier is. I used light grid constructed in an L shape, double stacked under the humidifier, and the vertical grid has plastic window screen over it so's not to allow soil seepage, i have just over an inch of pearlite on the bottom, then i mixed peat moss with pearlite and put this on top of the layer of pearlite, how high should i fill the water in this? above the pearlite? my plants are all in their pots except my purple pitcher and my green venus fly trap. the soil mixture runs from 3" to about 6" on the other side, and in the back, its up to 8" thick( i have cork bark coming to make barrier walls for this) i do plan on planting the plants in the tank once the tank is situated, is it safe for me to fill the soil with water right now? the electrics in the tank are safe. thanks for any info on this


P.S. im wanting to get the bottom of the tank suitable for live moss, i have 2 square ft. coming this is also why im asking, thanks again!