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Thread: Butterworts & sundews in texas

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    What types of Butterworts and Sundews would you recommend for growing conditions in Dallas, TX? On this web page you'll find all of the temp and precipitation info for my area, year round.

    I know I've got to beware the TX sun, and as Spring comes closer, I will come up with some sort of sun protection for the plants. I was thinking some tall lattice with a vine with many leaves growing from it to provide the added protection.

    I've got a bog garden in a rigid pond liner, which I've built a waterproof "wall" around the liner which I can fill to the brim with water, basically using the tray method on large scale for watering.

    The bog garden itself is about 24 inches deep, and perhaps 4 feet in diameter, a complete circular shape. If you need more info on the size, I can run outside and get the exact measurements.

    The bog garden is located next to a tall fence with viney over hanging growth above it, and a 14,000 gallon swimming pool only a few feet away. Morning sun is the first to strike the garden, and pretty much shining on the garden all day long too. But the added shade of the lattice that I'll be adding would be to shade the plants from midday sun. Planting Media is 50% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, and 50% Perlite.

    In an arc shape in the back of my bog, I've collected a number of large tall Sarracenias, and in the front in an arc shape, I've collected many VFTs, many different varieties. In the circle in the middle, I keep my low growing Pitcher Plants, like venosa.

    I've built the bog garden and collected all of these plants late this fall, while most if not all were in hibernation, but very much alive.

    I still have enough room in there for a variety of Sundews and Butterworts, and would very much like to add them in. I'm still very much a novice in the world of Carnivorous Plants, especially when it comes to anything else than VFTs, so I'd say the only restrictions on the plants is my local climate, and that they be well suited for a novice. )

    Also, any Nepenthes that could be kept outside year round for my area? I don't think there are any, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks a bunch!

    & Lucy the Giant Schnauzer
    & Lucy the Giant Schnauzer

    VFTs, Sarracenias, Nepenthes, Bladderworts, Pings and Sundews

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    Christine, you can go to this website: to get all of the info you need on cp's that
    are native to Texas. Just out of curiosity, where did you collect your Sarrs from? If you live in the Dallas area, you can
    collect some mature S.leucophylla, purpurea, and ptsicanna from the Nicholson-Hardie nursery at Lovers Lane and the
    Dallas North Tollway. Last weekend,I bought a S. leucophylla in a one gallon pot that head three healthy-looking rhizomes in it. Of course they
    were outside and dormant, so the tubes didn't look so well, I took them home and replanted them in new bog soil after
    removing them from their original pot, washed the rhizome/roots with distilled water and a couple of drops of Superthrive.
    I don't work for the aforementioned nursery, I'm just offering an FYI. Can't wait till March when they start to wake back

    Your description of the conditions in your back yard sound about right.


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