Hello Everyone,

I have begun planning my second terriuam. *Unlike the first one...I plan to do this one right.
I should begin when school is out in June.

I would like to read and see (if possible) about how you set up your automatic watering system(s) for your terrarium(s). *Any suggestion or ideals on misting too would be appreciated.

As for humidity and air exchange system I am using *the Tropic Aire." *I am wondering if there is a system or even a home made system that is design for plants.

I am hoping to find or build a hexagon. *Three of the walls will be mirror or covered with mirrors. In the new tank I plan to have miniature orchids, a compatible sundew and maybe some VFT. *Therefore the minium height will be 3.5ft to house them. I am thinking that something that tall might be 30gal tank. I don't know yet.

Are there any suggestion on the type of walling and frame? *Glass or plastic? *I am hoping that the base will be strong enough to hold it together. *If not I will have to use wood framing.

I really would like to read and see *what you guys have and are doing or even planning to do. Any creative examples, ideals or suggestions that might be of assistant in this project? *

Thank you for your time in reading my post.