hey im thinking about making a highland nep terrarium in the future, i don't know anything thing about it but ive got and idea about the highlands because i have just return from the highlands in KL. I saw a nep there growing quite well, these were the condition:

at night to early morning, it was very windy and cold and very humid/misty... it gets warmer when the sun comes out, from about 10am-6pm, maybe about 20 degrees celcius. Are these conditions good?

If not, I have some questions:
what temperature should it be?
humidity? day and night
air circulation?

what are cheap ways of making one?
how do i come about getting the temperature down?
How do i get humidity?

i already have an aquarium fan (PC fan) and a pond mister
also i have heard of people using air stones for humidity and air circulation. How does it add humidity? Dosen't it just blow air bubbles?

i saw a "fan mister" at a DIY shop, The kind where you attach it to a fan to blow out mist. That might be good for the the nights to early morning right? I can attach it to the top of the tank so both mist and "wind" can get to the plants.

thanks! any help is appreciated!