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Thread: Cp terrarium for sped class demo

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    I'm going to be doing a CP terrarium demonstration for some elementary school kids grades 1-5 (SPED).
    What plants do people recommend as
    1) Bulletproof
    2) thrive in varied conditions
    3) Look great and are interesting for youngsters.

    I've got my ideas but sending it out to the list as a reality test. Thanks!!!

    Kirk Martin
    Fitchburg, Mass

    If anybody has any extra plants they'd like to donate to the cause my address is: 21 Redman Place Fitchburg, Mass 01420.

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    I have some Drosera binata that are like weeds... well I guess they are weeds. They have an abundance of dew and one time guests. They seem to do OK if the conditions are a little dry or extremely wet.
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    Well, I think VFTs are essential because those are familiar to the kids.

    Loads of d.capensis (since they will probably like to touch one at least once)

    For Utrics you could pull one of the soil out to show the bladders. If your terrarium has a "pond" area u.gibba would be perfect.

    A nice n.ventricosa 'red' would be cool too.

    And of course, a nice mexiping would round it off. Usually sarrs are too tall for terrariums...
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