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Thread: Humidity/misting in glasshouse

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    Hey gang,

    Im after some feedback and ideas.

    Im setting up the humidity/misting system in my glasshouse (replacing the temporary spray and timer setup). Having spoken to a local horticultural supplier today it looks like I have 2x options.

    Something to keep in mind is that this glasshouse is for growing Nepenthes and is about 8.5 x 12.5ft. There will be a few other CPs but they are not the priority.

    So here are the 2 options I am looking at SO FAR:

    Option 1:

    Is to use a balance arm (artificial leaf) switch with multiple misting jets mounted throughout the glasshouse. Basically a couple mounted facing up just over each bench and a few pointing down mounted to the highest point of the roof.

    Pros Cheaper

    Cons Too much moisture in the plants No direct control of humidity.

    Option 2:

    Use a humidistat with a single misting nozzle mounted just in front of the circulation fan. Humidity drops, jet sprays mist, fan distributes mist throughout glasshouse, humidity rises. Note that this fan will run 24/7.

    Pros Direct control of humidity. No/little moisture on leaves of Neps

    Cons Expensive

    So what do you think? Any other pros and cons Ive missed?

    Im inclined to go option 1 as the humidistat in option 2 adds a heck of a lot of $$$ for a good one, however, I am a little worried about moisture on the leaves of my Neps? Is it so much of an issue?



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    I don't have a greenhouse or glasshouse, But would be careful of mold, algae and fungus growing on leaves if they are continuously wet however if given a chance to dry off between they should be fine, I think. When I say dry off humid still needs to be up.

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