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Quote[/b] (superimposedhope @ Jan. 10 2005,12:31)]It's supposed to be "uo" NOT "ou". Fluorescent-Not Flourescent. That would make it luminating of ground wheat.
Now that's hilarious!

Just wanted to recommend that anyone planning on overdriving bulbs do some reading on aquaria fora where it is discussed more. *Oh yeah, and pay your fire insurance.

The measurements in the reports i read showed a significant increase in light with 2X overdriving, but you're kidding yourself if you think you'll get double the light. *4X is even less of an increase. *In fact the reporter decided to stay with 2X overdriving.

Note also that T12 and T8 lamps are designed to operate most efficiently at a temperature around 75F. *The hotter they get, the less efficiently they work (T5s are designed for higher operating optimum - i think it's 85F).

T8s and T5s also hold their luminosity longer, so while you'd replace T12s (normal fluoros) after 6 months or a year, tops, you can easily wait more than a year with T8s. *My two T8 shoplights are still using two of the original lamps i put in just over two years ago. *The intensity has decreased, but they are still bright enough for the plants with two bulbs that are just one year old. *By rotating in new bulbs you can maximize the life while maintaining the light levels.

Anyway, if you're going for efficiency and low heat production, stick with normally driven fluoros, and just use more of them (or MH, or PC, etc). *Overdriving is only advantageous if you already have multiple shoplights, those lights cover more than the area you need covered, and you want brighter light over the smaller area and don't care so much about the efficiency. You essentially condense the multiple lights into fewer but brighter (but less efficient) lights.

I can't see any point to overdriving for growing most CP, because they grow well with normal output fluoros. My Lowland 55G terrarium usually has two F32T8s (4' normal output T8s), and they are more than enough... and that's without decent reflectors, which i keep planning on making ...you know how it goes. It has actually done ok with just a single lamp for quite a while now because i haven't replaced a lamp that i stole for another location.

Plants that need more light than lowland Neps go on the growshelf with the two T8 shoplights, or in the SE window/outside during the summer. I've grown Drosophyllum this way, Byblis, small Sarrs, highland Neps, etc.