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Thread: Water for humidifier

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    sry i didnt say what a "fan type" was talking about. it has a 2 1/2 gal tank which sits on a base which holds water. on the one side on the base there is a filter type deal that sucks up water. on top of this a fan which pulls air through/around the filter thus making water evaporate.

    heres a small pic of one like mine

    its the small round pic with "cool mist" by it

    i believe unpurified water is safe


    thanks for you imput


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    Okay, that is a evaporative wick style. You can use normal water there. First let me warn you... In this style of humidifier... If you use normal water you will go through these "wick" filters quickly. all they do is sit in the water, and the water wicks up from the bottom. And I don't think they work that good anyway - but once a little bit of calcium and such starts to build up in there, they really don't work. So, yes. tap water okay. Pure water better. Be prepaired to buy wick filters pretty often. So make sure they are available locally. (I have that exact same humidifier that I no longer use... )

    On the other hand. If you have a Sam's club arround there... I recently picked up a new humidifier for my indoor growing area that is awesome. It is evaporative style... But has a pump that pumps the water up to the top of the pad, just like a swamp cooler. The bennifit of this is that with the water running over the pad - calcium doesn't seem to build up as quickly. Mine is like THIS except it was made just for Sam's club and has digital controls... I think it was like 65 bucks. And i've been through alot of humidifiers... Wick style like the one you're looking at, ultrasonic, and one by Hunter that had the pump system... but it SUCKED! I hope I helped. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/new/smile.gif[/img]

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