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Thread: Putting sarrs and dionea outside

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    Okay, I have a few VFTs and a pot of an as yet unidentified Sarracenia which I have been fixing to put outsied in my little inground bogs so that nature can take care of them for me from now on....
    thing is, my outdoor bogs are all 50/50 peat-sand and these are potted in LFS...
    My question is.. Can I just drop the LFS "plugs" into the peat/sand, plants and all, and things will be fine??
    The plants are already hardened off and the VFTs are just out of a proper dormancy, I am just asking for any advice I might be missing on this- thanks in advance!!
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    Hi "Dan" and welcome to the forums!

    But seriously, I don't see why not. I may not have put plugs out there, but I went from fridge to cold window sill to outside without repercussions. The only think I could think of is to maybe put them in a shady spot at first or bring them at night for a couple days. But even that may not be necessary.

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