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Thread: Plants for terrarium?

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    Generous really doesn'tsay enough about the folks here. I have been fortunate enough to recieve a bunch of plants for shipping and even seeds. I look forward tothe day when I can offer my own SASE giveaway. The Generosity of people here is unmatched in any other forum I am a part of by far. Yes other forums have people who will gift plants for shipping and sometimes no shipping, but the magnitude of people here far exceeds any of the other 5 sites I am a part of. As long as when you share someof the wealth when your plants start to take off I think its a great thing. Thank you everyone for making everyone feel welcome and getting folks off to a good start in CP's. I know everyone has been nothing but kind to me and helped me start my collection. I plan on returning the favor when I can. Thanks again everyone and Josie2 Just ask your question frequent the trading post and your collection will grow faster than you can imagine.
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    Hi again!

    Wow, I never expected such generosity and kindness.

    I am a little gun-shy because last year I tried to plant seeds using starter packs and single-handedly murdered hundreds of them. I don't know what I did wrong, but I get anxious when I don't know the exact right thing to do to keep them happy. I know I need to start with hardiest plants possible for this reason.

    I still have to research all the suggested plants above and figure out a plan on paper. Then, I will be in touch.

    Thanks so much!

    (I'm assuming there is a Josie "1" out there somewhere because it wouldn't let me register "Josie" as my name : -)

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    I can start you with some easy CP's if you are interested. Just shoot me (a PM).

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