<span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.7em;">C</span>arnivorous plants are fascinating. My own interest centers around Venus Flytraps, which I have been fascinated by since I was a kid (I&#39;m 54 now) when I ordered one, it arrived about 7 weeks later stressed and exhausted, leggy and pale, and died a few weeks later.

I love them, and they love me, growing very well even in this high altitude (4000 feet) semi-desert region of eastern New Mexico, US.

VFT varieties I currently grow
<ul>[*]typical[*]Green Dragon (purchased from petflytrap.com) [*]Clayton&#39;s Red Sunset[*]Blood Red Traps[*]Dente (purchased from Peter D&#39;Amato) I thought this variety would have a hard time catching bugs because of the very short cilia. I was wrong&#33;[*]Red Piranha (purchased from Tony Paroubek)[*]Banded, sometimes aka "Red Stripe" (this is an impressive form)[*]Fine Tooth x Red[*]Fang[*]Royal Red (purchased from Tony Paroubek--beautiful plants)[*]Low Giant (this one looks very promising)[*]Vigorous (I think the name of this variety should be "Voracious Monster." The traps are routinely over 1.5" and the plant is truly "vigorous." [*]Triffid Traps (a beautiful all-green variety with large traps)[*]Big Mouth (aptly named, but also with beautiful, unique red-purple colorations--when the plant is hungry and cares to expend the extra effort to attract bugs&#33 [/list]

Do I have a variety you are interested in? I trade extras when I divide and repot the VFTs, and sometimes I give a sample or two of a particular variety with no strings attached and nothing required in trade, to someone who really wants a particular variety, if they wait until I divide and repot them.

Best wishes,

Portales, New Mexico US