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Thread: Farmer Dave's Grow List

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    * Please If you are interested in any of the below please let me know so we can see if we can work out a trade*

    ^Looking for any Drosera, Sarracenia, Dioneae, and Nepenthes that I don't have, and any Heliamphora, Cephalotus, or Drosophyllum.

    See anything that you like? If so, then lets try and work out a trade! I will accept almost anything, but would prefer live plants, and maybe seeds of Drosophyllum, Cephalotus, Heliamphora, Byblis, and hard to obtain cultivated plants (such as Sarracenia oreophylla & rubra ssp. jonesii)

    Dioneae Muscipula:
    -Dente-Sarracenia Northwest
    -Green Dragon- xscd

    Darlingtonia California:

    -filiformis "all red"- Jimmy Bone
    -filiformis var. tracyi- Jimmy Bone
    -intermedia- Jimmy Bone
    -dielsiana- please let me get your name
    -madagascariensis- please let me get your name
    -adelae- Lowes
    -binata "T form"- Jefforever
    -binata var. multifida-Jimmy Bone
    -capillaris-need your name

    Pygmy Drosera:
    -leucobalsta- Trockmoron
    -Sargentii "I think"- Trockmoron

    Drosera Hybrids:
    -'California Sunset'- Jimmy Bone

    Tuberous Drosera:
    -menziesii- pyro
    -Peltata (seeds germinating)- Glider14
    -Macrantha- CC

    -leucophylla- Jimmy Bone/JustLikeAPill
    -rubra ssp. wherryi- Jimmy Bone
    -purpurea ssp. venosa, maybe var. burkii- Jimmy Bone
    -unknown seedling- Jimmy Bone
    -alata-Jimmy Bone
    -rubra ssp. gulfensis-Jimmy Bone
    -minor-Jimmy Bone
    -psittacina - need your name
    -flava var. rugelii- CP30
    -flava- need your name
    -rosea- need your name
    -flava ssp. rubracorpora- Lee's botanical gardens

    Sarracenia Hybrids:
    -psittacina x leucophylla-Jimmy Bone
    -alata x minor-Jimmy Bone
    -purpurea x flava-Jimmy Bone
    -Dana's Delight-Jimmy Bone
    -leucophylla x flava-Jimmy Bone

    Temperate Pinguicula:
    -primuliflora- Lowes/Jimmy Bone
    -luistancia- Trockmoron
    -lutea- CC/Lee's Botanical Gardens
    -plainifolia- Lee's Botanical Gardens
    -iontha- Lee's Botanical Gardens
    -cearulae- Lee's Botanical Gardens

    Temperate Pinguicula Hybrids:
    -none- your name could be here!

    Mexican Pinguicula:
    -gigantea- Rubra
    -moranensis 'ablone white'- CC

    Mexican Pinguicula Hybrids:

    Highland Nepenthes:
    -none- your name could be here!

    Lowland Nepenthes:
    -rafflesiana 'white spotted'- CC
    -truncata- flytraplady5

    Nepethes Hybrids:
    -"ventrata"- JB OrchidGuy/Tallahassee Nurseries
    -"miranda"- Tallahassee Nurseries

    -liniflora- Est/CC

    none- your name could be here!

    Cephalotus follicularis:
    -none- your name could be here!

    Drosophyllum luistancium:
    -none- your name could be here!

    -Clacyifida- Jimscott
    -Livida- Jimscott
    -longifolia- Jimscott
    -bisquamata- CC
    -praelonga- Jimscott
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