Drosera Adelae (10) - willing to give away some!
Drosera binata ssp. multifida (3)
Drosera binata ssp. binata (2)
Drosera capensis (1) - My favorite, I think.
Drosera spatulata (1)

Nepenthes ramispina (1)
Nepenthes ?? (1) - I'm still trying to identify this one. IT's pitchers don't seem wiling to open, yet.

Sarracenia x 'Scarlet Belle' (1) - I think it's dividing itself, though.
Sarracenia purpurea (1) - My oldest and healthiest plant. <3

Want List :
Drosera scorpiodes
Drosera regia
Pinguicula ehlersiae
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia psittacina
Sarracenia rubra

To be honest, a 'want list' is not fair, I want any plant that I can take care of.

Heliamphora - When I'm ready for it, anyways. I don't think I could properly tend to one right now.