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Thread: macamus3 growlist

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    Nepenthes "species"
    1) N. ampullaria Bau green
    2) N. bicalcarata Red x orange
    3) N. albomarginata green
    4) N. albomarginata Kuching purple
    5) N. rajah
    6) N. ramispina
    7) N. rafflesiana typical
    8) N. ventricosa
    9) N. sanguinea orange
    10) N. hamata

    Nepenthes "hybrids"
    1) N. x ventrata Japanese Red
    2) N. "Medusa"
    3) N. bicalcarata x ampullaria
    4) N. marbled dragon ( maxima dk x truncata)

    Additions to my list:
    1) N. ampullaria "Cantley Red" small basal.
    2) N. "black beauty" ( bought on e-bay, do not know parentage?)
    3) VFT- Giant strain Z04
    4) VFT- Dingleys giant
    5) VFT- cup trap
    6) VFT- Low giant
    7) VFT- Long red fingers
    8) VFT- Hybrid of 2 giant strains? My largest traps so far.
    10) Drosera falconeri
    11) Drosera lanata
    12) Drosera kenniyalli?
    13) Drsera spathulata "Frasier Island"

    Additions to my list:
    1) N. mirabilis "echinostoma" Finally found one!
    2) N. flava
    3) N. jacquelineae
    4) N. neogeensis

    No longer have my N. ampullaria x bicalcarata. Was an extremely large plant that I grew from seed. Well over 10 years old. Freed up space for my highland setup. Sold to a friend of mine who has a large greenhouse. Pot probably weighed 50lbs.
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