Well this is accualy my buisnesses but still, I grow them. (Yes I know not alot, yet)(This also includes things that I am getting in the mail in a couple days)

-Nepenthes talangensis
-Nepenthes maxima x ventricosa
-Nepenthes ventricosa
-Nepenthes alata x
-Drosera adelae
-Drosera binata ssp. multifida
-Drosera capensis(Normal Form)
-Drosera capensis(Unknow Form)
-Drosera capensis alba
-Drosera spatulata 'Fraser Island'
-Drosera nitidula x ericksoniae
-D.burmanii red x green

What I want

About anything I don't have (Free would be nice)

S. are something I would really like