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Thread: The Buddhist's Predators

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    The Buddhist's Predators

    1 x N. boschiana x densiflora

    1 x N. Red Leopard (ventricosa x maxima

    2 x D. capensis

    1 x N. tentaculata

    1 x D. multifida, 'Extrema'

    1 x D. roseana

    1 x Cephalotus follicularis

    1 x D. scorpiodes

    1 x N. truncata

    1 x D. filiformis x intermedia

    1 x D. adelae

    1 x D. muscuplia
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    All fear violence, all are afraid of death.
    Seeing the similarity to oneself, one should not use violence or have it used.
    The Buddha

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