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Thread: Anna's Grow List

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    Anna's Grow List

    Hi All:

    I just joined this forum a few weeks ago, and thought I would share what Im growing (or trying to grow):

    Tarnok; S. Flava coppertop, S. leucophylla flava; S. hummer hammerhead; S. wrigleyana; S. alata x minor; S. purpurea, sweet pitcher, S. catebesbai, 1 unkown which I believe its a parrot pitcher, cobra nest, dana's delight, S. purpura venosa burki

    drosera spathulata, drosera filiformis 'traci'

    I have 1 unkown which is very large, and a nepenthes ventricosa

    1 typical; 1 big vigorous, 1 long red fingers

    1 darlingtonia

    1 cephalotus follicularis

    1 unkown heliamphora

    Thats all for now!!!
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