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Thread: Josh's tiny growlist(and big want list!)

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    Well here it goes......
    D. californica (california area have to go look at the label)

    'Green Dragon'
    'All Red' (seedlings)
    'Dentate' (seedlings)
    'Unknown' (seedlings)
    'Petite Dragon'
    'Jaws x Petite Dragon'
    'Red Piranha' (this one's my favorite)

    D. capillaris Polk county FL
    D. falconeri
    D. spatulata 'Frasier Island'
    D. intermedia
    D. rotunfolia
    D. capillaris 'Long Leaf'
    D. filiformis tracyi
    D. filiformis ssp. filiformis
    D. burmannii
    What I think is a hybrid of capillaris x intermedia

    N. lowii
    N. rafflesiana
    N. gymnamphora
    N. ventricosa
    N. miranda?
    N. x judith finn (spathulata x veitchii)

    S. oreophila
    S. rubra ssp. alabamensis
    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis
    S. purp. ssp. venosa
    S. pur. ssp. purp.
    S. flava
    S. rubra rubra
    S. Lots of different seed(lings)
    S. varius hybrids
    S leucophylla
    S. minor
    S. psittacenia

    U. gibba
    One unknown weedy terristial

    P. lusitanica
    P. primifolia
    P. planifolia

    And now for the Big want list:
    Looking for cuttings of any of these!
    N. bicalcarata
    N. hamata
    N. ampullaria
    N. veitchii
    N. khasiana
    N. gracilis
    N. maxima
    N. spathulata
    N. rajah
    N. x emmarene (khasiana x ventricosa)
    N. x tiveyi (maxima x veitchii)
    N. x any cool hybrids
    (I'll take any cuttings for shipping )

    D. adelae
    D. prolifera
    D. schizandra
    D. ventusa
    D. hamiltonii
    D. slackii
    D. alicae

    P. moransis
    P. agnata
    P. planifolia

    Any Cephalotus
    Any Byblis seed

    'Fused tooth'

    I will try to keep this updated.
    Thanks and happy growing,


    If any one has ANY extra Nep cuttings plz PM me, and we can work a deal.(little empty space to fill)

    Update! 04-12-2008
    Just went to a awesome plat show at the USF botanical gardens!

    Update! 10-19-2008
    Built a bog, and am looking to trade/..... for temperate CP's and any Neps not on growlist. I also am looking to get rid of my 4 D. falconeri (to cold where we moved to
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    My tiny growlist and Big want list. Check out growlist for trade!

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