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Thread: Baylorguy's growlist

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    Baylorguy's growlist

    *** Due to a different season in life I gave away my indoor collection and about 25% of my Sarracenia. I now exclusively grow Sarracenia, Dionaea and Drosera outdoors in full sun

    Dionaea muscipula 'B52' Pic (Conners carnivores)
    Dionaea muscipula 'Justina Davis' (Conner's Carnivores)
    Dionaea muscipula 'B52' x 'Low Giant'
    Dionaea muscipula (

    Drosera intermedia (Sarracenia Northwest and Meadowview)
    Drosera rotundifolia (Sarracenia Northwest and Meadowview)
    Drosera x hybrida (Sarracenia Northwest)
    Drosera filiformis tracyi

    Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack' (Lois Ochs)
    Sarracenia 'Leah Wilkerson' part 2 (Fred)
    Sarracenia alata Jasper County, TX (Meadowview)- Fat heads when compared to other specimens of alata from Texas.
    Sarracenia alata Stone County, MS Clone A (Mike Wang)- Turns solid red in optimal conditions. Can get 3 feet tall.
    Sarracenia alata Stone County, MS Clone B (Mike Wang) - Red clone
    Sarracenia alata Stone County, MS (Mike Wang) - Green clone
    Sarracenia alata 'nigra purpurea' (Mike Wang)
    Sarracenia "Doreen's Colossus"
    Sarracenia leucophylla clone AJO1 (Mike Wang)
    Sarracenia leucophylla 'Red' (Mike Wang)
    Sarracenia leucophylla 'Burgundy' Baldwin Co, AL- Turns solid pink from head to toe. Originally from Meadowview.
    Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis Ware County, Georgia (Michael Wang)
    Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ (Yann)
    Sarracenia 'Titan'(Yann)
    Sarracenia ‘Bud Wilkerson’ (Yann)
    Sarracenia “Avatar” (Yann)
    Sarracenia leucophylla red x minor giant (Mike Wang)
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